Liaison officer



MAAS International - 7th Dan MAAS Budo

Grand Master Cockram has served as the World Coordinator and travelled with Grand master Dossett for many years. Also, GM Cockram is a well established instructor and appreciated guest at various Martial Art events world wide. 

With a solid foundation in Aikido and Aikijutsu, GM Cockram is now one of the top instructors for the Sprit Combat International system as founded by GM Dossett. 

Gm Cockram is the head instructor and force behind the Chiltern Self defence school (formely Chesham Spirit Combat) and an active instructor in Spirit Combat, Aikijutsu, Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing. 

As the Liaison Officer, Grand Master Cockram is the link between founder, administration and our coordinators for MAAS International as assigned by Founder Brian Dossett. 

Contact Grand Master James Cockram at

or by telephone: +44 (0)7792 128696